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November 8, 2017


I. Roll Call

Commissioner Don Harris called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Commissioners answering roll call were Don Harris, Ron Dillard, Craig Sykes, and Ron Parente. Also in attendance were Director of Parks and Recreation David Williams and Secretary Nicole Harris.


Motion to approve the minutes and attachments of the regular meeting of October 25, 2017, as presented, was made by Commissioner Ron Dillard, second by Commissioner Ron Parente.

III. Committee Reports. (page 483)

A. Finance Committee-Commissioner Ron Parente, Chairman.

No Report

B. Engineering Committee- Commissioner Ron Dillard, Chairman.

No Report
C. Municipal Relations Committee-Commissioner Craig Sykes, Chairman.

No Report

D. Rules, Personnel Policies Committee-Commissioner Ray Hoffman, Chairman.

No Report


A. Request for use of facilities

B. Other Communications





1. A resolution to pay Trillium Dell Timber Works for the Wilson Park Ice Rink Glulam Beam Maintenance. (pages 484-486)

Motion to approve, as presented, was made by Commissioner Ron Parente, second by Commissioner Ron Dillard. All Commissioners present voted “aye.” Motion Carried.

2. A Resolution to pay Trillium Dell Timber Works for the Wilson Park Ice Rink Glulam Beam Wind Damage Repair. (pages 487-489)

Motion to approve, as presented, was made by Commissioner Ron Dillard, second by Commissioner Ron Parente. All Commissioners present voted “aye.” Motion Carried.

3. Discussion and possible action regarding the 2017 Series Bond Issuance. (to be provided)

No action needed at this time by the Board per Director of Parks and Recreation David Williams.


The repairs to the wind damaged glulam beam and maintenance of 5 other beams at the ice rink were completed on Friday, November 3rd. Facility Supervisor Justin Brinkmeyer began chilling the floor that afternoon with one of the two chillers. The second chiller had to have a seal replaced due to the quick shut-down method. The new seal was installed on Sunday morning and the second chiller was put into service that day. On Tuesday, November 7th Justin and staff were able to begin the process of re-painting the floor and have completed the project earlier today. They will now begin to pebble the ice over the next 4 to 5 days. Justin projects that he will be ready to put the Zamboni on the ice by Wednesday the 15th, and open to the public on Friday the 18th. He has contacted all of our customers to let them know the status of the repair. We will only be able to have two learn to skate session instead of three this season and have opened up those remaining learn to skate times for figure skating.
We are currently working on the insurance claim for the wind damaged beam with our carrier; our initial estimates are in the $100,000 range and will include the cost of repairs, rentals, loss of revenue from skate lessons, contracted ice time and concessions. We plan to have our costs submitted by the end of the week.
The maintenance portion of the glulam beam project and the rafter tail repair will not be included in the insurance claim. We have received a proposal from Trillium Dell for the additional repair to the rafter tails at a cost of $23,940 which does not include the cost of equipment rentals that will be responsibility of the Park District. As well as that cost we are still responsible for the glulam maintenance that was completed earlier this month at a cost of just over $25,000 therefore it will be essential to issue bonds in the next few weeks. The rafter tail repair will not impact the rink operations and can begin in the next few weeks.
General Obligation Bonds: As previously discussed it will be necessary to issue bonds to cover the necessary cost of rink repairs. As part of the annual issuance of refunding bonds for the golf course the Park District can include the general obligation bonds not to exceed $60,000 in the same ordinance. It will be necessary for the Board President to issue and publish an order calling for a BINA (Bond Issue Notification Act) hearing to be held during the regular Board Meeting of November 28th. The plan is to have the bond ordinance completed at the December 20th Board meeting and funds available the following week.
The Ice rink locker room project is back to work after being forced off the job for 9 days due to the roof issue at the ice rink. We have informed both the contractor and the architect that it is absolutely necessary that the concrete, doors, rubber flooring and hall lighting be completed by November 18th as to not interrupt operations. They have assured us that these items will be completed. We continue to have concerns regarding the time-line of the project and have made this clear to all parties concerned.
Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning park security discovered a group of kids in the park turning over trash cans and believed they were jumping the fence at the ice rink. Park Security contacted the police department who came and was able to detain an 11 year old boy involved. He was taken home and issued a trespass warning for the Park District. On Sunday morning I was contacted by an off duty police officer regarding the lights on Lueders Walk had been broken. Park maintenance secured the lights to insure they were safe. At this point I was unaware of the earlier incident and the police and park security were unaware of the light damage. On Monday morning I contacted the police to file a police report. Later that day I was contacted by a detective who will follow up on the kids potentially involved in the vandalism. The lights were removed and cannot be repaired at this time the cost to replace the lighting will be about $4,000-$6,000.

All business concluded. Motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Ron Parente, second by Commissioner Ron Dillard. Meeting adjourned at 7:14 p.m.


If prospective attendees require an interpreter or other access accommodation needs, please contact the Granite City Park District Office at 618-877-3059 no later than 72 hours prior to the commencement of the meeting to arrange accommodations.

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